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IBM employees need to stand by their co-workers on strike

In France the IBM TSS workers are on strike. In IBM Chile a strike vote has been taken with 84% in support of a strike if IBM does not negotiate with the union. In the past other strikes have taken place in IBM

IBM management, as we all know, does all it can to break a strike. One of the ways they do this is by getting IBM employees from other countries to go to the area on strike and do the work. Many times the IBM employees sent to the strike area do not know the reason they are going.

Let's be clear, the use of strike breakers by the company is wrong. IBM employees being sent out of their country must demand from IBM a full disclosure on why they are being sent. If it is to break a strike the employee must refuse to go. To be used as a strike breaker is a betrayal to the workers involved and to IBM workers worldwide who fight for better working conditions.

Our appeal is simple: Do not be used by the company executives to defeat IBM workers in their fight for better working conditions.

If you are told you have to go to a location that is on strike contact your union or the IBM Global Union Alliance at ibmglobalunionalliance@gmail.com or here

Remember: An injury to one is an injury to all!

IBM Global Union Alliance UNI / IndustriAll