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IBM has once more shown that its image as a model company to work for is a farce. This week the Spanish trade union representative in the European Works Committee has received a disciplinary dismissal. The reason given by the company: informing the employees about the restructuring plans that are "cooking" in Europe that affect not only Spain but also other countries. Plans which the company intends to keep secret to minimize the capacity of the workforce to respond, and which by law are obliged to inform, consult and negotiate with the legal representatives, committees and unions.

The case has been treated with particular malice by IBM, which in addition to proceeding against this representative has also sanctioned the members of the committees that sent the statement with the information, mere messengers of a shameful reality for IBM - it has to be emphasized that the company continues to make billions of euros and wants to earn even more at the expense of the salaries of the employees whom they fire - a reality that has to be brought to light once and for all. These colleagues have also received unfair sanctions (1 and 3 days without employment and salary) with the aim to intimidate those who are defending the rights of the workers.

They are not going to silence us. We in the unions and committees condemn this attitude of IBM, an attitude which we will pursue in the courts of law to the last possible tribunal. This is not an attack on one individual: it is an attack against the RIGHT TO INFORMATION of all the workers of the company, and, by extension, against the entre European working class. They will not get away with it: we will fight to the end to reverse this situation.

April 13th, 2018

Comités Empresa Grupo IBM